Chelsea Vale Leasing

Why Lease?


Leasing is a very powerful sales aid for the installer and a valuable tax tool for the client.

By replacing the cash investment of a new system with a much smaller rental, the ideal solution becomes affordable - budget constraints that could compromise key system features are often lifted this way.

What's more, leasing is the most tax efficient tool available to a business attracting 100% tax deduction. Read More

For system users who don’t make a profit such as councils, the leasing appeal is our fixed rental charge for accurate budgeting along with the best use of very limited resources.

How It Works

When a sale is on lease, the lessee (the system user / client of installer) is approved for finance before work begins reducing the installer's bad debt exposure.

The lease agreement is between the lessee and the finance company. The lessee is committed to pay the rental charge direct to the finance company over a specified lease term (5 years very popular).

The installer is paid within days of full completion, providing a great boost to cash flow.