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  • Find out how leasing can benefit not only you but also your clients.

    Offering leasing as part of the sales process has been behind the growth of many successful companies today. Potential clients welcome a resourceful supplier from their technical expertise through to their range of support services - lease options from the industry specialist are the full compliment.

    Not only does leasing allow a system to be selected without compromise due to budget, it keeps the installer in control of any bad debt exposure with the client being credit approved before installation commences.

    Cash flow is further boosted with full payment just a matter of days after the installation has been completed.

    Our calculator program provides the installer with easy access to rental charges, a print facility for a personalised client quote, plus the option to reverse a weekly budget back to the sale value. Included within the same program is our comprehensive Guide to leasing.

    To support the sale further we have our User Guide - in printed or electronic format - this provides an overview of leasing, explains the benefits from the system user’s point of view and describes how the process works.

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