Chelsea Vale Leasing

System User       ( The Lessee )

Leasing can free up your budget and
provide greater tax efficiency.

Leasing security equipment can benefit the system user in the following ways:

  • Conserves Cash Flow

  • Budget constraints can limit the full system requirement being affordable, whereas a smaller rental charge can overcome this

  • More Tax Efficient than Purchase

  • A finance lease provides 100% offset against tax due on the profits of the system user's business Read more

  • Fixed Charges

  • You can be confident the rental is not going to change for the life of the lease agreement

    The entire system solution including the installation is leased.

    Should system requirements change during a lease term the equipment can be upgraded to meet the new demands.

    For a leasing quote or a copy of our User Guide providing an overview of leasing along with the benefits and our process, please contact Chelsea Vale.