Chelsea Vale Leasing



Q) Who pays the installer?
A) The finance company that will be receiving the rentals under the lease agreement.

Q) How long does installer payment take?
A) Just a few days from receipt of correct documentation after install is completed.

Q) When is the first lease rental due?
A) Once the lease begins - that's after install is completed.

Q) Should the installer still take an order from the customer?
A) Yes, it should confirm the final specification agreed - ideally detailing the installer's quote number.

Q) Do we finance personal security systems?
A) No, the equipment must be for business use.

Q) What happens at the end of the lease term?
A) The client will need to decide if the equipment can still be used by the business or whether an upgrade is needed.

Q) Why is leasing so popular?
A) Tax offset is a distinct advantage to clients who make profits. Organisations that are non-profit making can obtain the system they need on a limited budget, to read more click here

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